Adding to its list of capabilities, GreenShift offers marketing services for coproducts generated from its suite of technologies. Being the first to market with a technology has placed GreenShift at the forefront of new coproduct marketing, allowing us to establish trusted relationships with buyers that provide our licensee’s with highly profitable returns.

Today, GreenShift has the ability to market up to 450 million pounds per year of distillers corn oil. This product primarily goes into biodiesel, renewable diesel, feed, oleochemical and export markets today, however we are constantly evaluating new opportunities both domestic and international to add value to distillers corn oil.

Aside from our ability to effectively market distillers corn oil, we have the connections and experience to coordinate all logistics including truck, rail or barge. No matter where the market, GreenShift can deliver.

In addition to distillers corn oil, GreenShift has also begun marketing lignin from its patent pending recovery process from pulp and paper mills. GreenShift also plans to evaluate recovered lignin from future cellulosic ethanol facilities as well.

First to invent. First to produce. First to market. These steps have been repeated numerous times in our past and provide GreenShift with the unique ability to identify a coproduct’s potential market and prove out its viability within that market. Let us help you grow your bottom line.