Engineering and Construction

Engineering Innovation

GreenShift is primarily known for its cutting edge technology development, however technology is of little practical use without the ability to commercialize. GreenShift Engineering Inc.’s engineering and construction services are your key to putting innovative technologies to work for you.

GreenShift Engineering Inc. is a full-service engineering firm offering a broad range of services. Our team has a lifetime of experience designing, installing, commissioning and servicing equipment in a variety of industries.

Process Design

GreenShift Engineering can fully develop nearly any project from concept through to construction. GreenShift Engineering’s attention to detail prevents costly construction mistakes and time delays. Our belief is that any project is “cheaper on paper than it is in stainless steel”. Your project will be on time, on budget, with the quality you expect.

3D Design

Want to know what your equipment will look like before it’s build? GreenShift Engineering will bring your project to life through detailed 3D design, allowing you to see what you will have before it is built. Whether new construction or modification of an existing process, seeing the process before it is built will ensure appropriate ergonomics, maintainability, and safety.

Turnkey Process and Equipment Installation

When it is time to build, GreenShift Engineering can manage all aspects of your project’s procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and startup. GreenShift Engineering can offer turnkey, fixed priced, installations on projects up to $10 million and construction management for projects up to $50 million. Whether greenfield or modification to existing infrastructure, GreenShift Engineering’s experienced staff will make your project a reality.

Information Technology and Machine Controls

Machines and processes are of little use without effective controls. Automation is often the key to an efficient process or piece of equipment. GreenShift Engineering offers the automation services required to make your process and plant complete. Whether it is standalone PLC programming or integrating into existing DCS control systems, GreenShift Engineering has the capabilities to do it.

GreenShift Engineering also provides a broad range of IT services, from plant networking, to administrative process such as email and web server management.

Maintenance and Training Services

Maintenance and training are key to the efficient operation of any plant. GreenShift Engineering offers full service maintenance and training services. These services include operating and maintenance procedure development, preventive maintenance tracking and scheduling, servicing equipment, and training.


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