GreenShift Corporation - Products


Engineering a solution has always been at the heart of what GreenShift is accomplishing. Create an elegant, cost-effective and value-added product that takes advantage of what was once deemed a waste stream or otherwise low value coproduct. That is what GreenShift has done with all the technologies within its portfolio and what it will continue to do moving forward.

But evaluating waste streams for value added products is just the beginning. In order maximize value, continuous innovation is needed and that is what GreenShift has strived for in the numerous engineering and technology solutions it is brought to commercialization.

Corn Oil Extraction, the most established technology within GreenShift’s portfolio, is the crowning example of turning an otherwise low value coproduct into a highly sought after commodity in other markets. GreenShift’s cost effective and elegant design has transformed an industry and, in many cases, allowed businesses to survive in otherwise difficult financial times.

Biodiesel production, once relegated to only producers with integrated soybean crush facilities, has seen tremendous growth over the last 10 years. This has been a direct result of sourcing reliable new feedstocks. Further improving upon this model has been the ability for ethanol producers to take advantage of onsite infrastructure, energy and logistics capabilities to co-locate biodiesel production at their facilities. This has ushered in a new wave of renewable fuel ‘complexes’ that look to increase renewable fuel production from the same mass of grain.

While the focus initially has been on the renewable fuel market, GreenShift has always looked to evaluate waste streams and otherwise low value byproducts in other industries. One such industry is pulp and paper production where black liquor concentrate presents another opportunity to extract a highly valuable, complex polymer, known as lignin, contained within an otherwise low value byproduct stream. Such a process would also have far reaching implications for renewable fuel production where cellulosic feedstocks are used and lignin is contained within its byproduct stream.

As GreenShift continues to evolve as a company, its core belief that innovation drives growth will not change. Being satisfied with the status quo is not something GreenShift strives for but rather the insatiable desire to develop and commercialize efficient technologies that bring otherwise unrealized profits to an industry.