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About Us


GreenShift Corporation was founded on January 30, 2003 and is organized as a Delaware Limited Liability Company.

From the onset, GreenShift has always focused on improving process efficiency through innovative engineering solutions. Initially, GreenShift's core business was specialty drying, however its extensive experience in innovative process technology led to the discovery of its patented corn oil extraction technology. From 2003 to 2005, extensive research and development was conducted to fully commercialize GreenShift’s corn oil extraction technology, culminating with two commercial installations in 2005.

As our mission statement outlines, GreenShift did not stop innovating and proceeded to perfect its extraction technology while adding additional intellectual property to its portfolio to increase corn oil yields. In June 2007, GreenShift's third commercial installation was completed and was closely followed by three additional installations in 2008. By this time, GreenShift's backend extraction process was viewed as the quickest and most cost effective solution for ethanol producers to increase revenues and was beginning to experience wide-spread adoption across the industry.

In October 2009, GreenShift received a patent issuance on its first corn oil extraction patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It has since received numerous additional patents related to its corn oil extraction processes and other clean technologies.

Currently, GreenShift has installed or licensed its patented corn oil extraction process to 36 ethanol facilities across the globe. Roughly 80% of the current corn-based, dry mill ethanol industry has adopted backed corn oil extraction, contributing over 1.8 billion lbs of feedstock annually to the biodiesel, renewable diesel, feed and industrial markets.

Moving forward, GreenShift will maintain its mission of developing and commercializing innovative clean technologies that increase the revenue and profitability of its licensees; taking advantage of untapped resources and improved process efficiencies.