GreenShift Corporation - About Us

About Us

GreenShift Corporation is an engineering and technology company that invents, develops and commercializes clean technologies that facilitate the more efficient use of natural resources. Many of these innovations include process solutions that allow for efficient recovery of valuable products from otherwise low value co-product streams. Additional innovations include applications for these recovered products to produce optimal returns.

GreenShift is currently focusing its extraction efforts in two primary industries:

  1. Corn Ethanol, a $40 Billion US Industry
  2. Pulp and Paper, a $40 Billion US Industry, $160 Billion Globally

GreenShift has targeted these industries due to the significant size of each, consistent processing methods used, and each contains large co-product streams that contain significantly valuable components should they be recovered.

Corn Ethanol

GreenShift has invented, patented and commercialized a process to recover Corn Oil from the low value evaporator concentrate stream within a corn ethanol facility. The technology generally has less than a 12-month payback, has been adopted by more than 80% of the corn-based dry mill ethanol industry and collectively produces more than $700 million per year in additional income or about 14 cents of value added for each bushel of corn processed. This is the most significant advancement the industry has ever seen.

GreenShift has developed a substantial portfolio of technologies in this industry to further capitalize on its innovations. These technologies include:

  • Advanced Corn Oil Extraction Methods that significantly increase extraction rates. These advanced methods include: Chemical Addition, Mechanical Washing and/or Thermal Treatment
  • Biodiesel Processing Technologies and Ideally Scaled Co-Located Biodiesel Systems
  • Fuel Distribution and Blending technology

Pulp and Paper

GreenShift has invested in technology that cost effectively recovers Lignin from the low value evaporator concentrate stream within Kraft Mills. The technology is extremely efficient and allows for high quality lignin to be recovered at minimal cost.

GreenShift and its partners have and continue to develop a substantial portfolio of technologies in this field to further capitalize on this opportunity. These technologies include:

  • Lignin Purification Technology
  • Lignin Derived Chemicals

GreenShift maintains a strong commitment to continued innovation and have many additional patents pending within its portfolio of strategically-compatible cleantech designed to leverage its extraction platform and further strengthen the significant competitive advantage its technologies provide to licensees.

GreenShift’s business model is to capitalize on these opportunities through structures that make the most sense to the host facility and GreenShift. These structures can include:

  • licensing,
  • licensing with field support and engineering services, and
  • over-the-fence process and business relationships where GreenShift owns and operates the technology with a value share to the host facility.